All That Glistens

(Alone in the Rain Concluded)

 When you climbed into bed

Beside me

Shivers ran down my spine

Despite the temperature in the room.

I lifted my eyes to yours

And sighed

Smiling in remembrance

Of the heat of long nights past.

Your body warm and hard along mine

Like gloves

We fit together so well

It almost seemed like a dream.

With one swift move, you filled me completely

Loving me

Awakening my body, mind and soul

Like no other ever has, or ever will.

The friction between out bodies

A test

Of sweet love soaked endurance

Our breath and heartbeats blending together.

I screamed like a banshee

In the night

Overcome by the feel of you

Tightly fitted inside me.

Dying time came for us both

Yet again

And you tensed against me

As I pressed my body against yours.

I parted my lips and touched them

To yours

Wanting to drink in the essence of you

In every way possible.

Your love emptied into me then

As I

Escaped into a world of light

Flying high amongst the stars.

I journeyed back to you

Ever faithful

Tightening my arms around you

As you held me closer still.

 We laid together and caught our breath

Totally consumed

By the fire that has become us

Basking in the glow of our love.


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