Nights of Broken Hearts

Tonight I wish that you were here,
The thoughts, the dreams so near.
But those were empty promises,
Now I live the loneliness.

All through my life,
I've been feeling down.
Searching to find, I'm lost and not found.
There's got to be someone, who understands me.

It's been so long since we've been together,
Even longer than being apart
I wish I could stop the hands of time,
Another night for a Broken Heart.

I lie awake in the morning light,
No one to hold,
Another sleepless night.
'cause its over since you left me.

I walk the streets alone,
Starring into space, you never told me,
Why can't we work it out.

You can't erase the memories,
Yours to keep and hold,
All the laughter, all the terars,
The Nights of Broken Hearts untold.


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