The Dream

the dream


she feels her passion

for him..

for the unknown..

welling up from deep within

as her sleepy eyes close..

the dream

she travels thousands of miles

to an unknown place…

searching for an unknown face..

she doesn’t see him

but knows he is there…

she feels his desire for her

as their lips touch…

fingers in hair

tongues intertwining

passion burns red hot…

an unquenchable thirst

for each other..

to feel their bodies

meld together

as the flames rise…

he enters her

and she is lost…

a place she has never been


they explode

from the heat

of the fire

their passions have ignited…

together they drift through

all space and time…

a world all their own..

the awakening

reluctantly she allows herself

to be pulled back…

"honey, are you okay?"

"you were dreaming…"

she is fine…

and she drifts off to sleep

hoping to find her way back to….

the dream



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