Fair Maiden Bathing

I glimpsed a fair young maiden
A-bathing in a stream
I knew that this young lady
Was one I'd not yet seen
And so I glimpsed her thoroughly
Much to my great delight
Till the lady comprehended
She was in my sight

And though I thought she'd run away
She glanced at me as if to say,
"Wouldst thou glimpse me whilst I'm nude?
"Is it Proper? dost thou think thou should?"
Which does not rhyme quite nicely
And so I kept on staring
Indulging myself vicely

Perchance her thoughts were valid
I'm known to be perverse
I hoped to be that way with her
(Or perhaps even worse)

Have you heard a tune called, "Soap Get's In Your Eyes"?
Indeed, that is what happened then
Much to my great suprise
"What luck, thought I, a sadist!
Now this could be quite grand!"
T'was not but a moment later
That she had bound my hands

And so my friends, it was then,
That I didst find love so true
True it lasted for but a while
But sometimes a while will do



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