To The Man, The Myth, The Legend

I'm sitting on my bed alone
hoping the phone will ring.
I'm hurting and want you tonight,
I want to do the wild thing.

We are good friends and nothing more,
and that's alright by me.
But once we're alone, the animal urge hits,
And naked with you is what I want to be.

My clit is throbbing as I think of you
and how you lick my snatch.
The way you thrust your finger into me
while your face is in my patch.

With you 69 is great,
I straddle over your face,
I suck your cock and lick your balls
at a slow and steady pace.

My crotch is so wet, thinking of you,
the first night you touched me so well.
Your hand so quickly rubbing my pussy,
Making me hot as hell.

I'm dying to take out my vibrator,
while I think about riding you.
But I wait, putting it off,
In hopes that you will call soon.

If you don't` well, that's alright,
I can get myself off as I dream.
But I'd rather have your thick cock in me,
Ramming me till I scream.

So patiently I wait for now,
imagining you naked on me.
Thinking of how good you look, smell and taste,
Hoping you'll come and bring me ecstasy.


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