His lips are soft as desert rain,
His eyes shine like the sun.
And when those eye look into mine,
I know for me, he is the one.

His voice is like an angels sigh,
His hair as pure as silk.
And when he whispers my name "Karen",
My knees begin to melt.

This man, he has some magic hands,
his massages, pure ecstasy.
He likes to touch my face and hair,
And kiss me so softly.

I feel his hot breath on my neck,
when he kisses his way down.
His fingertips lightly brushing my arms,
In him I begin to drown.

He gazes deep into my eyes,
and embraces me with loving arms.
I tremble with each sweet caress,
completely lost in his charms.

We melt together for hours it seems,
as he takes me to paradise.
He fulfills all my wildest dreams,
as he gently rocks me through the night.

Such love I've never felt before,
So honest, pure, and true.
I savour each moment with this man,
With a passion in me I  never knew.

With this man I long to stay,
myself I give to thee.
For true love was brought out of my heart,
by the man who now lives in me.


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