Shadow of a Lover

All alone I wander,
in this place you wandered with me,
A field so green and skies so blue,
and I find myself thinking of you,
.....My hand circles my neck lightly.

I miss the way we used to kiss,
your lips so lightly brushing mine.
softly kissing where you knew
It really drove me insane.
.....My finger glides down over my heart.

I reach the spot on the grass
where you made sweet love to me.
I sat down and closed my eyes
and remembered as if it were yesterday.
.....My hand starts to slide up my thigh.

You were the best lover I had known,
I loved you more than words could say.
I'd cry out your name as you took me so high,
To levels of pleasure I'd only dreamt of before.
.....My hand moves quickly under my skirt.

You'd make me cum repeatedly'
caring so much about pleasing me.
You wouldn't let yourself cum until I did,
You'd enter me and rock your hips.
.....My back begins to arch up high.

We laid together so satisfied,
gazing into each others eyes.
A fiery gaze of love we'd lock,
in afterglow of romance shared.
.....I open my eyes and you are gone.

I lay there alone in the field
with the shadow of a lover gone.
resting in post orgasmic bliss,
but heart still aching for your return.
.....I fall asleep crying in the field..


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