Claw and crawl your way over to me wildman,
raise those claws and rip my clothes to shreds.

I want to get totally freaky with you,
to have you ram me so hard my bed's backboard
cracks the paint on my walls.

I want you to fuck me sooo hard I can feel your cock in  my throat.

All you have to do is look at me and I get hot as hell,
I want to ravage that killer body of yours, to see you stalking me naked
with that intense look in your eyes.

Pull  my hair wildman and make me scream your name.
Come over here wildman and let me leave my clawmarks in your back.

I can't wait much longer wildman, take me now, here, at work.
Sit me on the lab bench and tongue my clit furiously.
Lock the door and turn off the lights so we don't get caught.

God I want to stroke your thighs. I want you grabbing me with those
muscular tattooed arms.

My ankles are dying to be draped over your shoulders,
and I want to hear you growl with pleasure
while my head is between your legs.

I want to suck your throbbing cock and fondle your gorgeous balls.
Some animal sex is what I crave, and you're the one I want it from.

So drag me off to your jungle , the time is now.
wildman, do with me what you will, I am your willing wildwoman.


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