Lover's Feast

I want you now!
I want to feel the softness of you lips pressed against mine,
to feel your hands lightly tickle their way down my arms,
to feel the hot breath from your mouth breathing down the back of my

I want you now!
I long to smell your cologne as I kiss my way around your chest,
to have the goose bumps arise on me when you gently pull my hair,
to hear you moan so softly as  I knead your
luscious hips.

I want you now!
I want to grab your ass and pull your groin towards mine,
to kiss my way down towards your waist,,
to drink in your flavor as I lick your hot inner thighs.

I need you now!
I long to feel your pulsating cock strained against my face,
to suck the head so softly while flicking my tongue on the tip,
to knead your balls as I lightly lick your shaft.

The taste of you!
It is divine to suck the pre-cum from your cock,
to take you into my mouth and start to bob my head,
To have you groan in pleasure while I give you a grand blow job.

I want you to!
I want you to pull me up and lay me down so gently,
to kiss my breasts and tickle my hips and finger me  so sweetly,
to touch me with such passion that I scream your name out loud.

I want to feel!
Oh won't you tongue my clit and bring me to orgasmic frenzy?
then mount me and ride me and shoot your load up in me,
then we'll fall together in satisfied bliss, our desires met for now.

O will you be?
Please be my lover even if just for one night,
I'll do my best to please you, you're wish is my command,
darling let's get naked and live out lustful dreams.

No more words,
just touch me, lick me, fuck me, ride me ,
I'll hump you, suck you, drink you, and mount you,
I want you so badly, tonight let's just be one, and have a lovers feast!


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