Feel My Hands

Feel my hands
   as they massage with oil
   the friction created
   warms explicitly

   Your responses drive me
   to take you higher
   climbing the ladder
   to ecstasy's hiding place

   Feel my lips
   as they kiss you sweetly
   floating gently
   over soft and supple skin

   Sensations cause you to shiver
   tingling with excitement
   the air is now electric
   our journey is beginning

   Listen to my words
   as I speak them seductively
   they vibrate with passion
   your fuse has been lit

   Open wide
   prepare for enlightenment
   feel the fire
   and experience the wand's magic

   Clutch me tight
   for the countdown has begun
   we are on our way
   to an elevated consciousness

   Come to me dear one
   open your petals
   that I might partake of your fragrance
   and become intoxicated

   Feel me as I probe you deeply

   urging you to bathe me in your glory
   and when the time is right
   you'll feel my stream...silky and satisfying

   Our time is now




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