Sexicidal Tendencies

I want you
Need you,
Gotta have you
Wanna taste u and feel your warm body against mine,
Lovin and touchin,
Rubbin and squeezin,
Workin and jerkin,
While I slide in between your legs,
And moisten your surfaces,
Rain down on me,
The storm is brewing,
I want u  here with me,
Taking me higher, fire and desire,
Thirsty for your sweet love juice,
To flow onto me,
As I explode into you like dynamite
Lovely sexual satisfaction
What I say is from the heart,
I'd like to start,
By loving u down
When my hardness rises up,
My sexual energy igniting a fire under your sexpot,
Let me open up to see whatís cookin,
Skip dinner and go
Straight to dessert,
whipped cream and chocolate
Spread all over you, sweet treat
Sexual meat,
Marinating you, feeding u,
Needing u, yearning for u
Your hot wetness on my neck,
Your nails on my ear,
Spine tingling, thigh shivering,
Sex on a hot summerís day,
Sweat mixing in with our love potion
And sweet music played in the rhythm of our stroke
Melodious climax from the back
I wanna talk dirty in your ear
And let u hear my deep voice all through you



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