Sugaring the Plum

I will seduce you with flowers and showers
And a big, warm, wet kiss
Tease you with hands and girlish powers
My touch you cannot resist

I will make your cock throb
And your leg muscles very tense
Time for another blowjob
Waiting makes no sense

You can perform all those numbers
Downtown, will your tongue creep
Sex makes for unquiet slumbers
Just who the hell needs sleep?

Your penis and my vagina
Make a terrific pair
I can think of nothing finer
(Sorry about your chest hair)

How many times will we fuck tonight?
Want to go out on a limb?
Beautiful stars are shining bright
But I hardly notice them

Against the wall or me on top?
Or, we could try them all
Oh, sweetie, please don't stop
Your name I soon will call

Fleshed is meshed as we grind on the covers
Arms around neck, legs around back
We are nicely synchronized lovers
Marvelously potent in the sack

Your eyes, your lips, your gorgeous little bum
I'm the happiest I have ever been
Let us make each other come
Oh, when can we make love again?

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