Ode to my Man

Neither songs nor sonnets,
Nor roses, nor bluebonnets,
Could show you how much I love you.

Neither the rainy ocean beach,
Nor the juicy ripened peach,
Could exemplify how wet you make me.

Neither the top of a tall tree,
Nor a hit of killer LSD,
Could demonstrate how high you make me.

When I tell you that I love you,
It's not just my sleepy, automatic,
Obligatory, static
Way to say goodnight.

When I tell you that I love you,
It means that I want to hold you,
Comfort and enfold you,
For all my natural life.

You mean absolutely everything to me.
More than my choice of career,
More than hope or fear,
More than anything that I could give myself.

Sometimes I'm goofy, immature,
Ridiculous or impure.
Sometimes I'm really not sure
Who the hell it is I am.

But your love defines me.
Though the past confines me,
The future with you is
Bright, bright, bright.
Never leave my sight.

Button my button and zip my zipper.
You make me so damn chipper!



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