A Raunchy Poem

You can rock me, you can suck me you can fuck me till I'm blind,
You can tease me you can please me and stick a dildo up my behind,
You can lick me you can stick me with your fingers so petite,
You can shove your pussy in my face, I'll get on my knees and eat.
You can whip me you can spank me you can fuck me up the ass,
I don't care what you do as long as it's done with class.
You can suck my cock and let it blow all over your pretty tits,
You can take my balls in your hands and tease them into bits,
You can be real nasty, you can be real sweet, I don't really care,
Just as long as my cocks inside your pussy fucking there.
Getting wet and getting hard and getting sucked and fucked,
getting slammed and getting ridden, your ass is getting bucked,
My cock is buried deep within that ass so firm and tight,
I'll blow a load and suck it out with anxious pure delight.
I'll cum not once or twice, but thrice, and then we'll cum some more,
Leaving both of gasping for air and lying on the floor,
Sweaty, cum soaked, and locked together or bodies both as one,
Till We get horny and want to fuck again....OH GOD THIS IS SO MUCH  FUN!!!

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