You Are My Dream

You are in my dreams
both night and day.
As I search my heart
for words to say,
The love I feel,
So pure and true,
Giving my thoughts
to visions of you.
I love what I've seen,
from pictures you've sent.
I'll want you and more,
when together we've spent.
Our first night in heaven,
alone in our bed.
Kissing and licking,
from your toes to your head.
Sucking your tits,
with desire in my groin,
wanting to play with
the Delites of your loins.
I'll enter and give you,
the seed from my soul,
And pleasure you wherever,
no matter what hole.
Then when we are done,
I'll collapse on your breast,
Knowing full well,
I've given you my best.
As we lay there and gaze,
into each others eye,
Whispering "I love you"
as the last ember dies,
We drift of to sleep,
lying fully as one,
Our sexes locked together,
their job is done,
"till the next time I see you
and the flames re-ignite
but for now it is time,
For a lovers goodnight.

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