The Fantasy

She comes to me in visions grand,

walking closer, with outstretched hand.

A smile so big, and eyes so brown,

she leaves me breathless, this love I've found.

Upon my lips, she touches then,

a kiss so soft and then again.

Her arms around my neck do go,

and pulls me close, so she may show,

her love for me, in so many ways,

that will last forever, to the end of my days.

My heart beats faster, my pulse does quicken,

my manliness, begins to thicken.

I press myself, against her mound,

and listen to the sexy sound,

of moans of pleasure, sighs of bliss,

escaping her lips, to tell me this,

her loins are on fire, filled with desire,

off to our bed we will now retire.

To fill ourselves up, with pure love and passion

and explore 'till sleep comes, after a fashion.

When I awaken, alas, woe is me,

We have yet to touch, we have yet to be.

It's all a dream, it's all fantasy,

Except for the love, that burns within me.

This much I know, deep in my heart,

I'll wait forever, for us to start,

our life together, and if it takes,

a hundred years, then that's the breaks.

This love is worth it, this love is pure,

this love is something, of which I'm sure.

It may be fantasy in this present time,

But soon you will be, mine, all mine.

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