6 Days Honey

The man of my dreams and fantasies
The man I ache to hold
6 days honey  

Michel I love you.  I have never met you in person, yet I feel like I have known you all my life.  My love for you grows with every passing second.  We laugh, we joke, we listen to each others stories and life experiences.  We feel each others happiness and pain.  (God, I ache to hold you when you hurt)  We can talk for hours and yet it only seems like minutes.

  I am so happy when I talk to you
Smile when I think about you
Miss you terribly when you're not there
6 days honey

Two months ago I never would of believed I could be this happy.  Knowing you has brought me the greatest pleasure I have ever felt or ever imagined feeling.

  My eyes ache to gaze into your soul
My arms ache to hold you
My skin aches to feel your caresses and gentle touch
My lips ache to feel your kisses
My hands and mouth ache to explore your body
6 days honey

To see you, smell you, kiss you, touch you, hold you, feel you and love you.  That will be heaven.  6 days honey.

Destiny and fate has brought our hearts and souls together. Our future is a fairy tale waiting to be written.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.   In 6 days honey our relationship will take on another dimension and I am so very excited to see where our love will lead us.  I feel in my heart that we will share a lifetime of love, happiness and fun.  Our fairy tale is only just beginning honey.

I love you Michel, always and forever

Your Michelle xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo



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