Autumn Dawn

There are many reasons I like the season, but first, it is the season, I
drew my first air. The fresh newness I feel with each morning brings me such
joy. Fall is a time that most think of dying and fading away. However, old
things must go away, so that new life can return in the spring. Fall, a
season that renews us, feeds us, and makes us reflect on where we have been
and where we will go.

    Autumn is so much like a woman to me, I feel her soft, cold, sensual
touch in the morning as I rise from my slumber. Her cold touch can warm up
rather quickly, sometime too hot to handle in the conventional ways. She can
make me shiver and sweat in the same moment. Oh, how I love her touch, I can
still feel her for hours after.

    Her soft, gentle breezes caress my skin, making me to feel all warm
within. I shudder quietly as the sensation ride up and down my spine. I often
find it hard to breathe and a million thoughts race through my mind.
    Her smells, how they captivate me, so clean and fresh, with just a hint
of musk strewn through the air. I could stand and breathe her inside me for
all of the day. And when she has been gone, I long for when I may next
breathe her sweet perfume. Smells that seem so much more intense in her air.    
    Autumn has sounds all of her own, so far off and mysterious. From the
gentle moans of the forest, to the load cries from the air, they are a
symphony I hear with my eyes closed tightly. I can still hear her in my mind,
even when she has gone for the longest time.

    Who could ever doubt Autumn's beauty, her auburn hair, dark mysterious
eyes and skin that is so fair. Her hair is the tree tops, so full of sunlight
and color. It sways freely to and fro. Her eyes are the night sky. They
twinkle and shine as never they can at any other time or season of year. Her
skin is the corn that is waiting to be reaped, ready to share it bounty for
those who can agape its silky, brown hair.

    When she leave me in sorrow, in the cold winter air, I await patiently
for her return. I say to her with a prayer, "Oh, please, do not stay from me
so long. Autumn dawn, so fair, come back soon, so that we can share all the
treasures that you have to offer in your seasons warm air." 



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