Open Him Gently

Open him gently,  learn what he loves

Heart full of joy, caress, seduce him

Heat building senselessly, do you really care?


Pain only comes when I didnít notice his flowers


Heal with your breath, like wind from the gulf

Learn to appreciate the tenderness

Comes naturally, maybe not at all


Anxiety overrides desire for love

Tiny voices coach him back to the flame


Power and grace fall from your lips

Like petals from a beautiful rose

You gasp, my cheek brushes your thigh


The fragrance of the flowers

floats through the air

Let me embrace your words, so full of life

Spoil you just by noticing


Sneak home during the day

Interrupt it with love

Making it has to do with intimacy

It has to do with love


Touching the flowers

Unique just like you

Like having your breath upon my lips


Lying with you close, without speaking

Listening to the sound of our heart beating

When nothing matters more


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