Lack of Consideration For Others


I am so bloody angry at the moment that I could just spit nails! What on earth is it that prompts people to take the time to send nasty emails to someone who has posted their pictures on this site? Once again I have to remove someone's pictures because a few people can't seem to keep racist, nasty remarks to themselves.

If someone doesn't like what they see why don't they simply just move on. What makes them feel that they have the right to send nasty, racist emails to someone they know absolutely nothing about - other than that they have chosen to have their pictures posted on this website. 

I wonder how these same people would feel if they were subjected to the same kind of abuse? Do you think they would enjoy it? Whatever happened to treat someone else as you would have them treat you? 

I just can't fathom why you would want to waste time writing something mean to someone. You'd like that people could find something a little better to do with their time. If I see something on the internet that I don't like I move on - why waste my energy to try and hurt someone else's feelings? There isn't any point to it as far as I'm concerned. 

I know first hand how awful it feels to get disparaging remarks on your pictures whether it be racist or simply not liking how I look. That isn't my problem - the person making the remarks is the person who has the problem. 

You know what I think - I think that the people who go out of their way to hurt others are very much like the terrorists that struck at the heart of the United States this week! They must obviously enjoy bullying others.  


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