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Sex with my boyfriend is amazing. He is the first person that I've had sex with who can make me cum during intercourse. We have relatively normal sex. However, I want to get kinky. I would like him to ejaculate on my breasts, face, and mouth. Is that strange for me to have that urge? Should I tell him? How should I approach him in this matter?


I don't think that it's strange that you have these urges. Everyone is different in what gets them off and what they'd like to try.

I think the easiest way to approach the subject with your boyfriend would be to do it in bed after some mind blowing sex. Just bring it up very casually "You know honey, there's something I'd like to try." He's obviously going to ask you want that is. Then you just tell him what you'd like him to do. From his reaction to your suggestion I'm sure you can open up doors to a lot of new experiences. You may even find that he will be willing to tell you if there's something particular that he's been wanting to try.

Once you've opened up the line of communication the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!


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