All the ass you can handle looking at.

Self Exploration 

     Now that you are a little more comfortable with the fact that it’s ok to be interested in anal sex you can start exploring your ass. If you’ve never had any experience with anyone playing with your ass you need to explore a bit on your own and see how it feels and get comfortable with the idea. In order to enjoy anal intercourse you have to be able to exercise control over your mind. If you are tense then your asshole is going to be closed tighter than a drum and nothing will be able to penetrate it. It is incredible just how big a part your mind plays in anal intercourse. I have experienced anal intercourse on numerous occasions and have enjoyed it thoroughly, however I have found that the times I’ve enjoyed it the most have been those times where I’ve been the one to initiate it. It seems to be so easy then, where on other occasions it is a bit more of struggle to get into the right frame of mind and relax. 

     The best place to start your explorations would be in the bathtub. Draw yourself a nice warm bath and climb in. Alternatives would be the shower or even just lying down on your bed. Take your fingers and begin running them over the insides of your thighs and over your pussy. As you become comfortable, draw your legs up and run your fingers down the crack that run from your pussy to your anus. See how it feels when you lightly touch your anus with your finger. Try pushing several of your fingers down against your anus. If it feels pleasurable, you might want to try masturbating while your fingers are pushing down on your anus.

     If you find that this produces pleasurable feelings for you or you think that it might keep up the exploration. Take it nice and slow, there isn’t any big hurry. The rectum is similar to an elastic pipe with a set of muscular rings at the end, the anus. The anus acts as a plug, to stop things from going out or letting them in. It tightens and loosens like purse strings on a bag and is fairly strong. The rectum can easily accommodate a large penis. Think about it, if the rectum can handle all your excrement then the smaller things like penises and fingers are really not a problem. The rectum is a sturdy flexible organ and isn’t going to be hurt by fingers or a penis or other similar objects unless there is intent to hurt. Before inserting a finger into your anus make sure that your fingernails are cut short and don’t have any sharp edges as they could easily scratch or tear the tissue inside the rectum and that won’t be a fun feeling at all.    







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