All the ass you can handle looking at.


Exploring Your Ass 

     After some preliminary touching you will find that you want to move on and actually insert a finger into your anus. At this point it is a good idea to have some good lubricant on hand. I personally would recommend a lubricant that is water soluble. I have been advised by some of my readers that Vaseline is also an acceptable lubricant as the rectum is a self-cleaning organism, unlike the vagina. 

      Make yourself comfortable on your bed or whatever spot you’ve chosen for your exploration and bend your legs slightly bringing your feet closer to your ass. Using one hand get into a comfortable rhythm of masturbation and take a finger of the other hand, usually the index or the middle finger works best, and apply the lubricant of your choice to it. Gently start to push the tip of your finger into your anus. You will feel it give way and your finger will go in a little ways. To insert the finger further you need to keep pushing gently and try to relax your anus. This will enable you to get past the thick muscle and into the rectum. This may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, and there may be a little bit of a burning sensation or irritation. This is a normal response, just try to relax your ass completely and continue the masturbation with your other hand. If you want to, bring yourself to climax with your finger still in your rectum and see how it feels. If this feels good to you, then by all means continue with your exploration. If it doesn’t feel good then withdraw the finger and try again another time. Take all the time you need to become comfortable with yourself. 

     If you have enjoyed yourself so far, then you might want to try wiggling your finger around inside your rectum and see what it feels like. The inside of the rectum is very soft and comfy. I find it’s a rather interesting sensation. Try moving your finger around in different directions and see what different movements feel like. If you have your fingers from your other hand inside your pussy you can push them towards each other and feel them pushing on walls that separate them. Eventually you will want to stretch the rectum a bit more so that you can prepare for your partner’s cock at a later point. 

     One way to do this is to try sliding another finger into your rectum to join the first one and to try spreading the fingers as far apart as you can. Only do what feels comfortable for you. Don’t feel that you have to accomplish everything in the same day. You may do better if you explore a bit at a time over several days. Practice tensing and relaxing your anus around your fingers.








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