All the ass you can handle looking at.

More than fingers

Now that you are comfortable with fingers, it’s time to move on to something a bit more realistic. A good dildo is excellent to practice with. You can obtain one at a love shop or order from many places on the internet. I would recommend one made of plastic rather than latex. Latex dildos are difficult to clean and have soft pores that bacteria could be harbored in. Don’t use anything with sharp edges or that can easily break. 

On your own try inserting the dildo into your ass gradually, making sure that it is well lubricated. Try pushing it in and out of your anus while you masturbate yourself with the other hand. I have found that if I’m already excited from masturbating it is much simpler to push the dildo further into my anus. 

From this point you can move on and involve your partner in the exploration process. Make sure that he is aware that you are setting the pace and not to rush the whole process. He will be greatly rewarded by the results of patience when he finally gets to experience your ass, especially if this will be a first for you.





Cum and watch all the live action! Bring a towel, you'll need it!

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