All the ass you can handle looking at.


     There are a couple of ways to get your partner involved in the exploration of your ass. They are postillioning and analingus. 

     Postillioning is the insertion of fingers into the anus and may involve massaging it and the rectum. At it’s most extreme you can end up with anal fisting, but that’s a whole topic on it’s own. 

     The insertion of your partner’s fingers into your anus is a great lead up to the ultimate of anal sex or it can even be a pleasant enhancement to regular intercourse. This allows your partner to become familiar with how you may react during anal sex. It gives him a chance to explore your body with you.   

     Normally, I find that the index or middle fingers work the best, being a little longer than the others and stronger as well. Don’t forget the lube! Run your fingers over the anal opening, kneading and pressing against it. You can use a circular motion if you like. It’s just like giving a massage, you are helping the area around the anus to relax. Make the insertion by pressing gently and firmly inwards, wiggling the tip of your finger as necessary. At this point if your partner is comfortable and relaxed the finger should slide in fairly easily. On the other hand, if the ass is tense then your finger will not make any headway at all. You and your partner will have to decide at this point whether or not to continue or to perhaps leave it and come back to it another time. 

      Once your finger is past the anal opening you will feel the thick, strong, muscular ring which is the anus and beyond it, the soft sides of the rectum. You will need to keep at least your fingertip beyond the anus or the contraction of the muscle could just force the finger right out. When your finger is inside explore a bit, pushing the finger as far in as it will go, flicking back and forth.

     A great way to enhance this exploration would be to suck on your partner’s clit or stick your other fingers in her pussy. I have found that this combination makes for some pretty powerful orgasms. There is nothing better than having his mouth wrapped around my clit and fingers wiggling in my ass. It’s a great feeling.




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