Female Exhibitionist's Handbook
Basic Exhibitionism


This article was not written by me. I found it on the internet. It was penned by Lily Hensen. Lily is a 25 year old exhibitionist who lives in the mid-west. At the time of this writing she had been exhibiting her body in public for approximately 8 years. What follows are her suggestions for the budding female exhibitionist. I hope you enjoy the information.

Hi, my name is Lily! This is the first part of a two-part guide for exhibitionists, and anyone interested in the subject. I've been showing myself off for years, and I'm using this as an easy way to share hints and tips, not to mention a few juicy examples, with anyone who can benefit from my experience. This volume includes ideas for basic-level exhibitionism. What the basic means is exhibitionism that's usually tamer than intermediate and advanced levels, but more importantly it always appears unintentional. Basic, intermediate, and advanced refer to the levels of risk in what's being tried, in other words how risky it is.

With basic exhibitionism, clothes become you're most important tool, besides location. This may seem to be the opposite of what it should be, but you don't have to be completely naked to show off.

The first rule of clothes is: no bra. In the most basic forms of exhibitionism you're just showing people your nipples through your shirt. As you move up, you show them the naked nipple, then other parts. Bras are never useful, unless that's what you want to show people.

Showing your nipples through your shirt can be obvious, or an art form. The key is to make the viewer question whether you're doing it on purpose, or whether what they see is a total fluke.

The most obvious way to accomplish this is with a thin, white T-shirt. Thin, white dress shirts, dresses, and such work just as well. There's also mesh and see-through materials. The problem is all of these tend to be glaringly obvious. Tight fitness clothes, of varying colors, and thin material of any color that cling tight and makes the areola just barely visible is excellent. Tube tops are a little out-of-date but work really well.

Wear these clothes to the supermarket, or the mall, somewhere where there's a lot of strangers walking around in close quarters; and wait for the double-takes. It's so much fun.

I was standing in the middle of the freezer section of our local grocery store, pausing over the pizzas, when I noticed a guy staring at my chest over the freezer. I was wearing just a faded white halter top, my nipples were pretty visible already to anyone who dared to look, but in the cold air of the freezer my nipples had stiffened to attention and glancing down I was aware they stood out against the material of my shirt.

I hung out by the pizza another two to three minutes bending and twisting as I examined all the brands before the guy's wife or girlfriend showed up to drag him away. I gave her a wink as she glared at me. She smiled back and shook her head.

If you want to accentuate this form of attention a bit, there's a great little invention called "sweater bumpers." They are small metal rings that fit around your nipple to keep them erect.

For those of us too chicken to pierce their nipples, this is a great way to highlight what you're trying so hard to get them to look at anyway. Nipple rings are, of course, just as effective, and in certain cases you may want to try nipple clips or loops, with a thin length of chain connecting them. And speaking of chain, if you've ever attended an SCA or fantasy-related events you may have seen women clad only in chain mail. It leaves little to the imagination, and often - the tops especially - are created with just enough space between the links to allow anyone who concentrates, all the details of your nipples.

I signed up to work one of those booths once, and let me tell you I got a lot of attention!

The next way to expose yourself using just your clothes is clothing that remains just loose enough, or moves just enough now and then to give the viewer an unobstructed line of sight. This is trickier, but far more rewarding. Watching some guy walking around me, pretending to do something else, just to try and confirm to himself he saw what he did makes me hot every time.

The easiest tool for this is just leaving a loose button-up shirt open to a level slightly below your nipples. Be sure to lean over a lot and turn almost sideways whenever someone comes into range.

A slight variation of this is to use a see-through shirt and an open jacket. The advantage with this is that you can leave the jacket open all the way, increasing the likelihood that you can "accidentally" expose yourself at just the right time. Wearing overalls or a vest with no shirt works the same way.

I couldn't believe it, but there she was sitting at the next table at the small coffee shop we like. I pointed her out to Al and we watched slyly as she turned and moved freely. Her shirt was open nearly to the waist, and we could see without a doubt that she wasn't wearing a bra.

The guy sitting with her probably didn't have as good a view as we did. There was a light breeze, we were out on the patio, and as she sat the wind would expand the material of her shirt on the far side of us, giving us a fantastic view of her pert breast and erect nipple.

We stayed a lot longer than we had time for, and finally had to give up our table to an older couple. I wanted to talk to her, see if she was doing it on purpose, but I knew I couldn't and breathed a heavy sigh as we left.








Copyright 1998 Lily Henson