Female Exhibitionist's Handbook
Basic Exhibitionism

     Clothes may do well on their own, but there's one other thing that can always enhance the effect: water. A rainstorm, or a water ride at the local amusement park, are a great excuse to get wet in public, and a tight shirt, or pair of stirrup pants will become a hell of a lot sexier when it's slick and shiny and clings tightly to skin.

     And speaking of water, there's always the beach. Most swimsuits are pretty revealing already, but if you want a suit to be a real eye-catcher when it gets wet be sure to remove any liners or pads from inside - the same as I suggested with panties. Then when the suit gets wet, it will either become transparent - especially if white - or will hug you so tight people can count the goosebumps on your nipples and see exactly how far you shave your bikini line!

     Of course, clothing or lack thereof isn't the only thing to good exhibitionism. The other half of the effort is just the set up.

     There are a number of good ways for the basic exhibitionist to expose themselves. Most of these situations are based on what sort of clothing, that you're willing try. One good excuse to expose yourself is to get caught in the act of changing clothes. This can come up in a variety of places. Some people change clothes in their car when the need arises - do it on a busy highway, with someone else driving. Some people change in rest rooms. If it's a single rest room, leave the door unlocked. If it's one of the larger public rest rooms, you can leave the stall door slightly ajar so that it swings open at just the right moment, or change right out in the open so anyone popping in can see. Again, not wearing a bra is crucial here, and once you've done it a couple times you'll be going without panties too!

      Al and I had decided to go out for dinner. We live extremely close to the interstate, so we use it to get to a lot of places and I know a few decent restaurants not far down the highway.

     On the way I asked Al to stop at a rest-stop so I could change clothes. Rest areas are great places to expose yourself, most of the people you run into are from hours, even days away, and even if they were offended by something you did they aren't likely to stop and try to find a police station in a strange town. I took my gym bag with my clothes into the ladies rest room.

      There were a couple college girls combing their hair and talking as I walked in. I set my gym bag on the floor and unzipped it. Then I pulled my T-shirt up and over my head exposing my chest. I tossed the shirt into the bag, and grabbed a wash cloth. The girls paused to look at me a second, but quickly resumed talking with sideways glances my way. 

      I wet the wash cloth in the sink, then rubbed it up and down over breasts my nipples. An older woman entered the rest room and glanced at me as she moved to a stall, but said nothing. Another woman was just coming out of one when I grabbed my waistband and pulled my pants and underwear down, down to my ankles. I bent at the waist exposing a freshly shaved cunt and anus to the woman. She moved in behind me and nonchalantly began to straighten her hair as I stood up.

     In the mirror I could see her and the other girls appraising me. I then used the wash cloth to slowly clean my legs and crotch. I put each leg up on the sink in turn, and as the older woman came out and got an eyeful as my crotch was openly displayed in her direction. She smiled at me and moved close to wash her hands in the sink beside me.

     Finally, I reached into the bag and pulled out a short dress. I pulled it on over my head, and wriggled into it. Two of the woman decided the show was over and left, but the two college girls were still talking and glancing at me. I decided to give them a small encore. I picked up two metal rings from inside the bag and set them on the counter. Then I pulled one breast out of the top of my dress and tweaked the nipple to make it hard.

     One of the girls locked her gaze on it, obviously curious. I fit the tiny ring over the nipple and it stayed in place. What's better was it would keep the nipple erect until I cared to take it off. I replaced the breast and repeated the procedure on the other one. When I was done I looked hot. In a tight white mini-dress with my nipples practically exploding through the front. I was finally ready for a night on the town. I gave the girls a quick wink as I strutted out the door.

     Another great place to get caught changing clothes, is the fitting/changing rooms at your favorite clothing store. Some places have curtains instead of doors, it's easy to leave them slightly open so that anyone walking by can see. Just strip and stand around fidgeting with some clothes, you'll find that a number of people will find excuses to hang around outside your booth.

     If you don't get a booth with curtains, there are still a number of excellent options. Step halfway out at opportune times to call for someone you're with, or to get some help from an attendant. Just pretend not to notice that you're standing halfway in the open, topless or totally naked, and watch their eyes pop!

     Besides changing cloths, you can get caught losing them! The beach is the most obvious place for this. A loosely tied bikini top comes off easily with a quick dive, and sometimes bottoms can be just as easily lost. Once it's gone they can take time to recover, or if you're at the ocean you may never get them back.

     Running up on the beach naked to get your towel is likely to get you a lot of attention. Untie your bikini top while sunbathing face-down on the beach, if you roll part way over at just the right moment you'll get plenty of notice.

     The shower is a common place to get caught half-dressed, or naked. There are a number of public places with showers, including some highway camping areas. It's a great way to let strangers see you naked.

     Or after a shower try answering the door wearing a loose bathrobe or towel. Walk around someplace with a public shower until your robe falls open, or your towel falls off!

     Just after I called the pizza place, then jumped into the shower to wet myself down. Al kept watch and as the delivery guy pulled up to the house he had me get into position. Al sat in the living room, where he could see the front door through the window, and me through the door to the entry way. When the doorbell rang I counted to twenty and opened it.

    I was standing there with one towel wrapped around my head, and another barely large enough - covering my torso. The towel was not quite long enough, and showed a bare strip along one side of my body, facing the delivery guy.

     I had to make an exaggerated effort to keep the towel in place. The delivery guy watched me with big eyes, and held the pizza box out to me in one hand and his bag under one arm.

     I reached out with my free hand and took the box, then turned away to set it down on the floor behind me. To do so I bent way over at the waist. With the tiny towel barely covering me as it was I gave him an excellent view of my pussy and shaved crack.

     I paused for several seconds, as if unaware that I was doing it. Then staggered forward, giving him only a slightly reduced display, and grabbed for my checkbook. My fumbling pushed it off the table and as I tried to grab it - with both hands - the towel fell off.

     I fell on my butt, with my crotch and breasts exposed to this guy. I quickly grabbed the towel and covered myself, blushing. I got up again, apologizing, and managed to cover myself with the towel.

     I filled out the check and gave the guy a healthy tip. I could feel him staring at the towel the whole time, trying to will it to fall off again.

     When he started to turn and leave, I turned too and leaving the door open bent forward again to pick up the pizza. I glanced through my legs as I did so, to catch him watching. Then I kicked the door closed with one foot and took the pizza into Al. We ate it naked.

     If you take my advice on how to dress, there's a number of great places to show off. Supermarkets, malls, and department stores that are packed with faceless strangers who wouldn't mind a peek at your breasts.

     Going up stairs with a short skirt or dress in a mall or office building is a great way to show off your favorite see-through panties, or lack there-of. Public transportation is even better, people tend to get packed together tight. Pretend to fall asleep on a plane with your shirt open enough to show anyone who looks the color of your nipple. Sit with your legs open on a bench while waiting for the bus, passing drivers will definitely appreciate the distraction.

     The key with basic exhibitionism is to make any encounters seem completely innocent and unintentional. This minimizes the risk of someone taking offense and getting you into trouble. As you get into it, you'll want to try more daring, riskier, things.






Copyright 1998 Lily Henson