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Fat Girls rule!

And yes I do happen to be a little biased since I am one myself. <g> It's well worth the visit to check them out.

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My time flies when you're having fun it seems. I can't believe it! The children are out of school, Canada Day and 4th of July have both passed. I hope that everyone enjoyed their particular holiday.

We went down to the river and shot off some of our own fireworks. It was a lot of fun and a family thing to boot. Now, we just have to remember the names of the good fireworks for next time!

On the being called "Grandma" front thank you all for your various suggestions. I'm still leaning towards "Nana". However, getting the children to actually use that might just be a bit more of a chore than I originally thought.

Couple of new reviews, 4 erotic stories and some sex advice questions answered.


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