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Strawberries & Cherries

Strawberries and cherries.  Both of these fruits are very sensual.  White chocolate covered fresh strawberries are divine.  First you get the sweetness of the chocolate and then you juice of the strawberry. Many partners have even licked the juice from the strawberry of your lips. The cherry is best served either in bowl of its own juices which can be used to moisten lips and nipples or dipped in dark chocolate.  Both of these fruits were made for that special night when romance is in the air.
Submitted by Dcember70)

Strawberries have been suggested to me by a couple of people now, although we're not quite sure about what makes them a good aphrodisiac they obviously work. In the  play Othello, Othello gives Desdemona a hanky with strawberries embroidered
on it.

Submitted by livaracci9 & J&J Southworth)


In Iran, dates are reputed to be good for someone whose sex life is dwindling.

Submitted by S. Rajaei


Plump, pungent flavored apricots are considered a symbol of a sensual nature by the ancient Chinese.

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Its shape, its sweet, soft flesh and its creamy, lush texture all contribute to this fruit's reputation as an awakener of sexual feelings.

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The Chinese have long associated the peach with ripe sexuality. Its red blush color, silken fuzzy skin, juicy flesh and aroma make it a natural choice. Take a peek at Edouard Manet's once controversial painting, Dejeuner sur l'Herbe, and while your eye will first turn to look at the beautiful nude woman sitting next to the two clothed scholars, you will also notice the succulent peaches and other fruits she has brought to this very sensuous picnic. Everything that is ripe, sensual and arousing, the artist has placed in her corner of the painting. Very stimulating.

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One only has to think of the scene in the movie adapted from Henry Fielding's novel, Tom Jones, to know the erotic appeal of pears. Mrs. Waters, seductress/cook, is seated across the table from young Mr. Jones, their feet intertwined, gazing into each other's eyes, exchanging morsels of food while wanton juices from the pears they are devouring drip down their chins ... truly a sensual food setting.

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