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Espoused to be Cleopatra's favorite fruit, the Ancient Greeks celebrated the arrival of a new crop of figs by ritual copulation. (Many believe that the shape of fresh, ripe figs resemble female genitalia: you decide.) Figs usually ripen midsummer so mark your calendar to celebrate the fig harvest with your lover!



"Beulah, peel me a grape!" - Mae West's famous line in the film, She Done Him Wrong. Grapes are thought to be the oldest fruit and their reputation as an aphrodisiac seems to be as old. For the morning after, a fruit plate including a bunch of firm and juicy green and red grapes will start his morning offright. Use your imagination on how you want to eat them. Pop one halfway in your mouth and press your lips close to his to share or let lust enhance your creativity in how you serve it up!

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This fruit bespeaks passion! Its musky fragrance and sweet, succulent flesh is a tropical delight. The small glistening black seeds encased in the fruit resemble another food touted as an aphrodisiac, caviar. If he likes it a little exotic, let him nibble on this.


Orange blossoms are symbol of virginity and purity. "Reclaim" your virginity, surprise him with a bouquet of orange blossoms and a sweet note, tempt him with a refreshing plate of orange slices marinated in Grand Marnier and dipped in chocolate. Then wait for him to seduce you all over again! Age old customs tell us that lovers who bathe in orange scented water after the first time they make love will have a long and lust-filled union. Try it!

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  I believe Pomegranate's possess some type of erotic elements. Not only are they visually stimulating, they have a physical affect as well. They seem to stimulate a sexual anxiety or frustration. They provide a provocative image when a woman prepares one and then greedily eats it.

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