Erotic Food

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This has been passed along to me. Artichokes have a very unique flavor and if a man was to eat them for a period of one week without having any red meat that this would make his cum taste sweet. Sounds good to me!

Submitted by MKMoney


In Iran, turnips cooked in milk are said to be good for someone whose sex life is dwindling.

Submitted by S. Rajaei

Firm, long tender stalks evoke erotic images in one's mind. Bert Greene writes that in nineteenth century France, convention degreed that a bridegroom's prenuptial dinner contain at least three courses of warm asparagus because of its reputed aphrodisiac powers!

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This root vegetable with its phallic shape is truly erotic. Early Middle Eastern royalty regarded the carrot to be a significant aid in seduction and enjoyed it often. Grown deep in the earth this vegetable inspires his deepest, most private fantasies. Either raw or cooked, this vegetable can ignite his passion to incomparable excess!

Chinese Proverb: Those who constantly eat vegetable roots can do anything.

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One of the most fun and playful vegetables. It doesn't take much thought to realize why it's included as an aphrodisiac. It's phallic shape and firm texture make it a natural. Cucumbers make great quickies!

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Submitted by Marco


Submitted by Marco


Mushrooms give a male a boner and they're very sexual because they look
like the head of a penis.

Submitted by Paul



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