Erotic Food

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Shrimp are so sensual.  They are fun to play with. You can tease your partner with little nibbles or share one, each of you biting opposite ends.  You can dip them in your favorite sauce (mine being ketchup) and then lightly trace your partners lips.  Then you lick the sauce off slowly arousingly.
Submitted by Dcember70)

This expensive, egg shaped food has earned itself a reputation as a stimulate of sexual desire. Serve it chilled with toast points. You may serve it with minced onions, lemon wedges and chopped hard-cooked egg but if it's a good caviar a garnish is unnecessary.



This may be the best known of aphrodisiacs. Some see a resemblance to a woman's most private parts and are drawn to savor the tasty creature. Others delight in the texture of the ever sexually changing mollusk, which has spent its life alternating between female and male. Serve them in the raw (uncooked, in the half shell) or try a new recipe.



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