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Whipped Cream & Honey

This one was suggested by pyscho_chica. I'm not altogther sure on the the particulars but I'm sure you can figure out something! ;-)

An air of mystery has always surrounded the truffle. The fragrant muskiness of the truffle and its rarity keeps it on top of any list of aphrodisiacs. Paula Wolfert tells of a famous saying about truffles, "Those who wish to lead virtuous lives had better abstain." "Whoever says 'truffle' utters a great word which arouses erotic and gastronomic memories among the skirted sex and memories gastronomic and erotic among the bearded sex." Brillat-Savarin, 1825

Although these jet black nuggets of incredible flavor are quite expensive, a small amount goes a long way. Learn the secret of the lusty French and for that special occasion go ahead and splurge.



Valentine's Day is a time when the gifts of chocolates are given or received, ever perpetuating chocolate's reign as a part of wooing our lover. It's designation as an aphrodisiac remains basically undisputed for centuries. Chocolate has long been purported to have such a intense ability to increase the  sexual appetite, this apparently causing it to be banned from some monasteries a few centuries ago.

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A symbol of luxury and celebrations, champagne is viewed as "the drink of love." There is a saying that whiskey makes a girl stop arguing, beer soothes her, gin disarms her, rum cajoles her and champagne arouses her. Champagne has proven to be a lavish tool to stimulate lust in one's lover!

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