Mutual masturbation can be done in a number of different positions. It’s simply a matter of finding what is the most comfortable for you and your partner.  

The most common position is lying side by side on your backs in the bed. Your arm will cross over your partner’s arm or vice versa and reach to their most sensitive spots. I find that sometimes I have to scoot down the bed a little ways to make the reach a little easier. I’m shorter than he is by a bit. This position also works quite well when you are sitting on the couch watching television or even perhaps watching a naughty movie.  

Another position that can be used for mutual masturbation is for you both to be sitting facing one another with genitals close together. I think it’s easiest if this is done in a semi-recline position so that you are able to reach your partner’s genitals easily.  

Strokes & Techniques

     I was going to list a bunch of strokes and techniques that you could each use on your partners. I’ve since changed my mind. What I’d like to do with this section is have my readers send me in their favorites or techniques that work really well for them and I will add them to the bottom of this page. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of inventive methods you’ve all come up with.     




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