Water Techniques
Cool, clear water. It's definitely good for what ails you. Here are a couple of ideas for you for the next time you're in the shower or taking a bath

  Falling Water:
This method can be accomplished in a number of ways. Place yourself so that the water will spray over your penis. This can be accomplished by positioning yourself near enough to the tub faucet, the shower nozzle, or even a garden hose if you don't mind the cold water..

  Shower Head:
This one can be a lot of fun. I know I sure enjoy it as a female. You need a hand-held shower head for this one. Direct the spray at the back of your penis, the spot where the head and the shaft meet. This can produce some very pleasurable feelings.

Soapy Shower:
The shower is always a great place for masturbation, it's warm and comfy. A great place to fantasize as you stroke your lathered up penis until you cum.

Belly Scratch:
First of all you need to get into a comfortable position on your back. Make sure you've got lots of lube and make your penis very slick. Then curl the tips of your fingers lightly around the top half of the shaft and stroke the full length of your penis.    The lower half of the penis will rub against your belly, hence the scratching.

Playing Ball:
In this one, you get to scratch at your balls. Gently scratch your fingernails over the surface of your balls. Alternate between doing this and massaging gently around the area surrounding each ball individually. Try tossing them around gently allowing them to roll slightly in the scrotal sack. You can also massage the spot beneath your balls at the cleft above your asshole.

Squeeze Techniques
In these techniques you get to put the squeeze on. Enjoy!

Thigh Squeeze:
Please bear in mind that this particular method can be painful and not all men will be able to accomplish it. So if it hurts, please stop. Some men are capable of getting their penises between their thighs and can get off by jiggling or squeezing their thighs around their penises. Make sure that you have the testicles out of the way when trying this technique.

Greased Elbows:
This is another variation on the above technique although it is not found to be as satisfactory but is less painful. The idea is to insert your penis between well greased elbows. This can be done in a standing, sitting or lying face down position. 


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