Plantain Special

  I have a great tip for the guys who visit your page. I am seen here jacking off with a plantain. You first have to find one that your erect penis will fit into. Not too tight and  not too loose.  It must be kinda ripe. You have to cut off one end and squeeze the contents out. It is absolutely the  closest thing to a wet vagina! Just insert your penis in and start pumping away! A mind blowing orgasm is soon to follow!
(submitted by George)


Here's a position you might want to try when masturbation simply isn't enough and you have the desire to thrust as in sex. (Information and pictures contributed by visitor)

After Lubing up, make an open fist, big enough for your cock and place your hand on the corner of a counter, or desk....they are usually perfect height.....Let the edge of the counter rest between your first and second knuckle.......Your hand may move occasionally, but begin to move your cock thrusting upwards slightly in and out and it simulates the act of sex....the ridges of your inner fingers and  hand help this along nicely.....leads to a nice orgasm...:-)