Anal Penetration during Masturbation

  I have received some requests from men who wanted more information on using anal penetration while masturbating. This is something that can greatly enhance the intensity of your orgasm during masturbation. Using this type of penetration is not an indication that you are homosexual. There are a lot of me who enjoy penetration by their girlfriends fingers, vibrators and the like but who have no desire to have sexual relations with another man. The pictures that accompany this information were sent in to me by a visitor to my site who enjoys anal penetration and wanted to share it with others and make men aware that this is perfectly normal behavior for heterosexual males.

  This first set of pictures shows the male squatting down over the vibrator and gradually inserting it into his rectum. It will help if you guide the vibrator with your hand during insertion. Please make sure that it's well lubed. Once the vibrator is inserted you can move yourself up and down on it while stroking your cock at the same time. This will make for some pretty intense feelings when you cum. You may find that you will cum faster and harder when you masturbate with anal penetration.

  The next set of pictures show the penetration from different angles and the two center ones feature full penetration. I think they all look pretty hot myself. <grin> If you have comments or tips and tricks that you'd like to have added to this section, just drop me an email at  I am seriously thinking about doing a separate section for this information as soon as I get some more time. Your input is greatly appreciated. I'd also like to say a special thanks to the man who provided these pictures!