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Accessories – Some are other accessories that you would have lying around the house that can provide some interesting stimulation are pieces of furniture and cushions or pillows. An ottoman works nicely for example if you position yourself over it so that a corner of it pushes on your clitoris when you move back and forth. For an extra buzz, trying lifting your hands and feet off the ground when you cum. I haven’t personally tried this although it’s supposed to give you the feeling of flying

Thigh Squeeze – There are women out there who can achieve orgasm by simply squeezing or rubbing their thighs together. This stimulates the clitoris indirectly. It would be a great skill to have, then if you were out in public and found yourself getting horny you could just take care of it by squeezing your thighs together, no one would be any the wiser, except maybe those people who are reading this. So the next time you see a woman with her legs crossing and perhaps kicking her foot to hide the fact that she’s grinding her thighs together you’ll have to wonder what she’s really doing.

This technique will take a bit of practice to get it down to a fine art, but that’s half the fun of learning new stuff is the practice. When you masturbate at home, make it a habit to press your thighs together when you have an orgasm. After you’ve done this a few times it will become second nature to you. Once you’ve mastered this then try pressing your thighs together when you’re ready to orgasm and won’t be able to stop it but haven’t actually climaxed yet. Take your hands away and leave it to your legs to ride yourself over the top. This isn’t going to work instantly, you may have a few attempt that die painfully but eventually it will all come together and you will be pleased with the results. Sooner or later with the help of fantasy and association you should be able to proceed using only your thighs from earlier and earlier in the masturbation. Sounds like fun to me!

This is from one of my readers.
I just wanted to say that I have been one of those lucky ones who can cross her legs and come and I have an extra tip for those who like that exhibitionistic thrill of having an orgasm in public with all sorts of people around - this technique works much better when your bladder is full!. It increases the "inside pressure" on the clitoris. Beware though, after the orgasm, you really feel the need to pee!
(many thanks to leoK for this extra tip)

Tennis Anyone? - This one was sent in to me by one of my readers and it's so cool. I'm just going to paste in her description for you. The way I have gotten myself off since as far back as I can remember, is by using a tennis ball.  I lay on my stomach and place the ball between my legs pressing against my clitoris.  My legs are together and crossed at the ankles. I then begin to squeeze my inner thighs together and work the ball in a humping motion so that it is pressing against my clitoris.  As I climax I continue to squeeze with my thighs.   This is a very quick way to get off and I usually get multiple orgasms this way.
(many thanks to Baynut38)

Panties for You? - This is another great suggestion from one of my readers. Once again I am just going to paste in her description for you rather than paraphrasing it.
All my life (after the very first time when I used the backside of a tablespoon) I've used my panties to masturbate.  Basically I tug them up into my crack, both front and back, and then tug on the front just over my clitoral area.  Positioning of the cloth is important- it needs to be spread rather evenly over the clit so it doesn't become painful- and of course the cloth itself.  I've torn up quite a few pairs of panties!   There are some advantages to using panties.  Tugging really creates a sensation of pushing against the clit, and around back the cloth is being pulled against the anus, stimulating it as well.  The same applies to, say, masturbating with slacks or even jeans. (thanks Michelle)

That wraps up this little session on female masturbation techniques. I hope you enjoy trying them out. If you have any tips or techniques that I haven’t mentioned here then please send them in to me and I will add them. Just email webmistress@very-koi.net






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