Ok, back to the good stuff. Once the pussy has been moistened with the washcloth, you are ready to apply shaving cream. Please read the labels when choosing a shaving cream or gel. If you have sensitive skin pick a shaving cream or gel that is made for sensitive skin. You do not want to end up having a reaction to the shaving cream/gel. It won't be a lot of fun.

Now guys, you can apply the shaving cream, making sure that you rub it over the whole area that you wish to shave. You can have a lot of fun with this and tease her a little bit too. Just be careful about putting the shaving cream on the inside of the inner lips of the pussy. I've found that it tends to sting a little.

Please, please, please, use a new razor blade for this little performance. It is probably a good idea if you are doing this for the very first time to have a couple of extra blades available in case you need them. There's nothing worse than trying to shave a pussy with a dull razor blade. Guys, it's the same as when you try to shave your face after your woman has used the same razor on her legs! Not fun at all.

Let the shaving begin! Ladies - you need to relax and lay as still as you possibly can while your partner shaves you. We wouldn't want any sudden movements that could result in accidental nicks. Guys - you can shave a pussy very much in the same manner that you shave your face. Pick a spot to start and then move the razor over the pussy in long even strokes. It's a good idea to have a cup of water handy to rinse the razor off with after each stroke.

Once you have shaved the worst of the pubic hair off, you're going to have to be extra careful and get those hard to shave places like the bikini line, the bottom part of her pussy, and sometimes just inside the outer lips. This will be dependent on how your partners pussy is shaped. Keep in mind that every woman is going to be a bit different. 

Once you have completed the shaving, take a warm cloth and rinse the whole area off. This will allow you to see any areas that might have been missed, or spots that aren't totally smooth. You can touch up these areas at this point.

Ladies - you will likely want to wash the area at least once a day with soap and water to reduce sweat and oil buildup. There will quite likely be a few hives on the shaved area, especially if this is the first time you've shaved there. These will disappear over the next few days. As your body adjusts to regular shaving they will become less and less.

After the shaving is done, massaging in some good quality moisturizing cream really helps to prevent those hives I  mentioned above. It makes the skin smooth and soft, like it was meant to be...  and a daily application will also help to keep the skin smooth and soft, making the next shave that much easier. It's not much fun when you have hives as it's quite likely with the next shave that there will be a few minor nicks because of them. (thanks to Tom for the above info)

Initially I would recommend that you shave the pussy every three to four days so that there isn't a lot of hair growth. It will get to a certain length and it will start to itch, I use that as my indicator that it's time for another shave. If your skin isn't adapting well to the shaving consider shaving it less frequently.

I love having my pussy shaved by my partner. I find it highly erotic while the shaving is in progress. I also love the feel of having a bare pussy. I was really bad after I had it shaved the first time, it was really hard to keep my fingers off of it. I found myself rubbing my fingers over the shaved area through my clothing, almost absently. I also found that when it came to lovemaking a shaved pussy is a real plus. It increases the sensation during intercourse because you can feel your partners skin against yours. I don't ever want to let my pussy become overgrown with hair again.

I hope that this information helps to make shaving your pussy an erotic and fun experience. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email me webmistress@very-koi.net

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