The Porn Star Shave

By The Niceguy.

Okay, I admit it. I shave my dick. I shave my balls and my dick. There, I said it. Now some of you guys may ask yourself why a guy would want to shave his dick. There are several reasons. For example, it prevents the "work stoppage" while she is picking hair out of her teeth. It's cooler in the summer. But let me tell you the really important reason. The one reason that should make you consider taking a blade to your privates. It makes your dick look bigger! Okay, Mr. Smart Ass with the nine inch cock, some of us are only average (you measured the bottom you cheater) and need all the advantage we can get. Shaving your manhood gives the cosmetic appearance of at least an extra inch or two. Think about it: Up to two inches of extra dick for free. And even if two extra inches of dick isn't important to you, it may thrill the shit out of her.

  Nothing fancy, mind you. We aren't shaving your pubes off. All we are going for is a clean shaft and a little clearing so she can see the entire picture. First you're gonna need a shaving gel. I won't bother recommending brands. I've tried several and couldn't tell you one from the other. Just buy one for sensitive skin or maybe even, if you're secure in your sexuality, one made for "feminine usage". I hear the ones that contain oatmeal prevent razor bumps. Second, a brand-new, brand-name, disposable razor. This is your best friend we are talking about here - don't be cheap. And if you were considering a straight razor...YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN! Start by lathering him up good and let the shaving gel set a while to soften the hair. Lather your shaft and all around it thoroughly.

Start at the top of your penis. I pull mine down out of the way so I can see what I'm doing. I stroke the razor away from the head into the hair-line, rinsing the blade after every stroke. This lets you judge how far back from the shaft you want to shave. Personally I shave an inch or so up from my penis. Then I continue the same stroke around each side to my balls. Shaving this direction (toward your body) will also tend to be against the growth of pubic hair which will give you the smoothest, closest shave. As you work your way around the bottom you will probably be surprised at how far up the shaft hair grows. Hair that is obscuring your "package".

Now you will probably want to go back to the sides and take a little more off. For the maximum size illusion you will want to shave almost straight across your hair line. This area is a little harder to get to. Simply pull the razor down into the crease where nutsack becomes body. Finish up by doing your testicles last. Gently draw the razor downward over the skin. Close is not all that important here. The hairs here are generally finer and therefore kissable even after a few days growth. But your bag is a virtual mine field of bumps and wrinkles. I think we can opt for safety in this area. And just do the front and sides. No one looks at the back of them anyhow.

Now I bet you want to know if it itches. Fuck yeah. I'm only kidding. Actually at first you will want to shave at least every day or two until you skin becomes accustomed to the change. I've never had to use any after products but I can imagine a good face cream could alleviate any initial discomfort you might feel. Personally I use one of those scrunchy body scrub things when I bathe. They are great for removing dead skin cells which are actually the cause of any itching as much as the new hair growth. But trust me. After a week or so it will feel as natural as the fallen rain and you can concentrate on creaming her face instead of applying face cream. There you have it. A simple process with dramatic results. And after you get the hang of it, invite her to join in. Hell, it's hard to tell what might get shaved with two of you involved.


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