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I think that to some degree we are all exhibitionists at heart. Yes, some or more extreme than others but we all want that attention at times and go out of our way to get it.

I'd love to hear more from those of you who participate actively in showing yourself off in public. More ideas are always welcome.



Hi, this is Lily! This is the second part of a two-part guide for exhibitionists, and anyone interested in the subject. I've been showing myself off for years, and I'm using this is a an easy way to share hints and tips, not to mention a few juicy examples, with anyone who can benefit from my experience. This volume includes ideas for intermediate and advanced levels of exhibitionism. Intermediate and advanced, unlike basic, are obviously intentional. Intermediate shows are done for a small, select group of targets. Advanced shows are done for larger crowds and may include more than just nudity.

Most of the ideas for intermediate and advanced are the same, it's generally the size and type of crowd you display yourself to that makes the difference. Flashing your boyfriend, camera or no, in a public place - but where there's little risk anyone but he will see you - is intermediate. Flashing a crowd of people you don't know on the street is advanced. Flashing a lone guy, whether you know him or not, sitting on a park bench is intermediate. Walking naked through a convenience store with a few people inside is advanced.

There are a number of different tools useful to both the intermediate and advanced exhibitionist. Clothes are the first. Sure, raising your shirt, lifting your skirt, or dropping your pants is always great for a quickie, but it's clumsy. To get naked fast you need clothes that come off quick, but make you look normal when you need them to. A trench coat is an obvious choice, but during warm weather a light button up dress is even better. Overalls are just as quick to get off, and can be used for basic exhibitionist shows too, if you find you're not ready to go all the way. You can also get tear-away clothes like those used by strippers. They're secured at the seams with Velcro so they can be removed quickly without any effort. They're difficult to find, but if you know how to sew, or have someone to do it for you, you can make them out of store bought clothes. I'd suggest experimenting with something from a thrift shop though.

Sometimes it's easier to show off when your sure nobody will recognize you. That's what costumes are for. You can always wear something as simple as a domino mask, or a full fledged head mask if it makes you secure enough to shed your inhibitions, and your clothes.

Getting naked in cooler weather is not always a great idea. There's actually certain oils you can get at various 'new age' stores used in skyclad (nude) ceremonies. You rub it all over your body and it insulates you. It's supposed to work great in winter, as well as fall and spring, but I wouldn't advise it.

Any type of sex toy, marital aid, or sexually oriented decorations are also a treat. For the intermediate there's "sweater bumpers," detailed in the basic edition of this handbook, nipple and clit rings - if you want to get pierced - all manner of clips and chains, body paint, real or removable tattoos, handcuffs, tape - use your imagination - open front bras, crotchless panties, and other revealing lingerie. For the more advanced you could also try dildos - strap-on or stuck-in - butt-plugs, a partner, anal-beads, vegetables, and whatever else your sick little mind can come up with.

The last tool I'll mention is cameras. Whether still cameras or video, a lot of exhibitionists are showing off to the fourth wall. The problem is, that many of them seem to miss the whole point of exhibitionism. When the camera is all you're showing off to you might as well be sitting naked in your living room. And selling these cheesy pictures for profit? Well, we know what they're really getting off on. Using a camera to record your exploits is great, but being off in the woods and taking nude pictures is not exhibitionism. Do what feels good, but know what it is you're actually doing.

Once you pick your tools, it's really just a question of where and when. This is the part that separates the intermediate and the advanced. Most of the ideas I'm going to give you, though are good for either one. I recommend starting small, with just a few people and no real chance of getting caught. Then as time goes by you can build yourself up.

Exposing yourself to a bunch of people in cars is a lot less risky, generally, than exposing to just a bunch of people. If people are moving at high speed down the road with a bunch more people doing the same behind them, they aren't likely to stop or to hunt down a cop to arrest you for indecent exposure. A great place to start then is somewhere beside a busy highway. Somewhere you can be off the road, so even if people did stop they'd never reach you. There's a number of great places like this if you look. Places close to a side road, but it would take several minutes at least for the people on the highway to get anywhere near you. That's not likely to happen anyway - but it sometimes helps to feel more secure. A similar idea is on a billboard placed in such a position. The advantage is that you're a lot more visible. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot more effort, and can be a lot riskier.

Al and I found the perfect place. There was a restaurant on a hill overlooking the highway. There was no turn off on that stretch of highway for 30 miles afterward either. The turn off for the restaurant was actually earlier. We pulled in and cased the area, looking for problems. Then, with our minds made up, we got a table and had a light snack. When we got out it was late, but still very light out. When we were done we proceeded out to the edge of the parking lot and got started. We lowered ourselves over the edge and down the steep embankment. This was an extra bonus, there was no way anyone from the parking lot would see us unless the came right up to the edge and looked down. After a short drop the hill levelled out slightly and we took position behind a tree. In a few seconds we were both naked.

I came out first. I stood several feet out from the tree and looked around. Several cars were going by on the highway and I watched. It was difficult to see if I was being watched yet, so I spread my legs and began to play with myself. Anyone glancing at the hill wound see me, legs spread with one hand on my pussy - rubbing generously. In a few seconds one car blinked its headlights on and off. Another beeped his horn several times. The show was on! I felt Al move up behind me, now we had to decide on a position. He stroked up and down on his cock, bringing it to stony erect-ness as I looked around. I chose a spot a few feet away and leaned forward, putting my hands on a large rock. The cars were running around a corner here, so with the way I was standing they'd get a good all around view. Al moved in behind and tested my pussy with one finger while he continued to stroke his cock. I had been wet since we sat down in the restaurant and decided to do it He slid in with one solid thrust and began a gentle in and out motion. Several cars honked at the show as they passed, and we heard someone yell encouragement from the highway.

If you're more confident than you can try right beside the road. You see a lot of pictures on the Net of girls doing this. I think if people see you being photographed naked by the side of the road, you're probably a lot less likely to get stopped. The other person validates what you're doing, but they still enjoy the view. On a similar note, try doing it from an overpass.

It gets you closer to the action - or the action closer to them - but still keeps you a safe distance from the cars and the people inside. Rooftops offer a similar vantage point, but are a bit riskier. Anyone who gets the idea, such as a cop, could get in the building and get up to you before you can be scarce. With a little attention you can watch for that though, and be inside hiding somewhere until you can get dressed and out. Glass elevators offer a similar distance, and make it easier to get away quick.

Another way to keep out of reach is transportation. I like to show off from the back of a convertible, but I realize that's not for everyone. Drive-by flashing is great. If you have a car, you can lean out the window, in a van with tall windows or pick-up you can show a lot more. Public transportation is even better. A lot of trains and buses have areas where you can be apart from the people inside. Take off your clothes and flash the world going by: crowds outside bars, lone walkers, even other people in cars. People stuck at a railroad crossing definitely appreciate the improved view. If you've got the guts try taking off your clothes in a cab, without warning the driver! As long as he can keep an eye on the road too it gives him an excellent close-up while a handful of people outside get an eyeful too.

The drive-by was my idea, but I let Al chose the venue. We cruised past the theatre once. There was a small crowd waiting to get in. Some kind of anal movie was advertised on the billboard, it was an adult theatre. I had worn a loose-fitting button-up dress tonight, and made short work of slipping out of it so I was already naked when Al turned around and headed back. As we got close I pulled myself up through the window and sat on the edge, Al slowed the car to a crawl. It was a few seconds before they saw me, but quickly they all turned and began to hoot. I was jiggling my chest, but since the picture was an ass flick they might like a different view. I put my feet on the passenger seat and pushed up, so I was standing, raised of the edge of the car, giving as decent - or indecent - a view of my ass and pussy as possible. One of the guys started to run after us, gesturing that he wanted to grab my ass, but Al sped up and we were a ways down the street when he gave up. I gave him a wink and blew him a kiss for the effort.

Your own backyard is often a good place to practice, but make sure you're neighbours are the types to enjoy the stunning view now and then. Otherwise, there's always the problem that they know where you live.

There's various types of public parks to try too. Be sure your neighbourhood park is devoid of kids before strutting your stuff, but if you hit it around dusk or early in the morning you may be able to open the eyes of a few joggers. National and state parks are better, parade around in front a few hikers or campers and you can always disappear back into the woods. A variation on this is cemeteries. They aren't for everyone, but sometimes you can lighten someone's mood. And college campuses often have large park areas. Streakers are often well accepted by college students.

There are other, more public places that are also you can try. A parking garage is one. I'm disappointed with the number of girls who take nude pictures in empty garages and call it exhibitionism, but occasionally you find someone who has the guts to parade around, sometimes right up to guys getting in and out of their cars. Apartment buildings and hotels are the same, you can run through the halls naked, into laundry rooms, and through lobbies. I suggest taking someone with though, for safety. You never know when you're going to run into someone even more demented than you.

Once you've gotten this far, there are a lot more public places to try. Fast food places on the inside are better suited for basic, seemingly unintentional, displays. The drive-though, however, is an excellent place to show off to a select audience. You'd be amazed at the level of service you suddenly rate. Gas stations and convenience stores tend to have a good, limited audience that doesn't mind the sight of a beautiful naked woman either.

We've driven through fast food places before, usually I'm in the back naked - pretending to sleep. This time though I had slipped out of my dress in the driver's seat. We pulled up to the window at Kentucky Fried and as the girl opened the window to take our order I saw her jaw drop. This place didn't have a sign equipped with a microphone for the customer to place an order, in addition it usually took forever to get food here. that was why we chose it. I gave her the order, and she didn't once take her eyes from my chest and crotch. The window was high enough above our car that she couldn't miss a thing. When I finished she slowly popped back inside, she was entering it in the register, and all the while I could see her talking to someone. In a few seconds a guy, obviously a cook, popped his head up to the window. it was clear he didn't believe her - but that quickly changed. It seemed to take even longer than usual for our food to arrive, both the guy and the girl would occasionally pop their heads out and give an excuse for the delay, I would just nod and shift position a little. A car even pulled up behind us, waiting to order, he had no idea what was going on. When the girl finally brought the food, with the cook looking over her shoulder I thanked them kindly and sped off, masturbating the whole way home. Finger lickin' good!

The really advanced exhibitionists will occasionally go for broke. Streaking, or better yet strutting naked, through a department store, a mall, a grocery store, or a sporting event takes real guts. The chances that you'll get arrested go up dramatically too, unless you take precautions. If you can find out when the managers will be gone or occupied and make sure that there are no security personnel or police around you can generally get away with it. This is one case, though, where you stand a better chance of being left alone performing a sex act. Masturbating in a store changing room where you know people can walk by and see you, will generally build you a small, devoted audience of clerks. Sex acts of any kind while performing an exhibitionist act will always elevate you to the advanced status.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks for great exhibitionism. 





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