Masturbation For Two

Masturbation has long been a solo activity for most men and women. This seems to be a very private activity and one that people are not always willing to share with their partners. I know that a lot of partners are threatened by their partners need or desire to masturbate. They usually feel like there is something that they are not providing for their partner or that they are inadequate sexually or donít sexually satisfy their partner. So rather than have their partners be disappointed or upset they sneak into the bathroom and masturbate privately and hope not to get caught.  

Sharing a masturbation experience can be one of the most intimate acts you can experience with your partner. I find that for me it gives me an opportunity to observe my partner and watch his reactions as he masturbates. I donít feel threatened by his masturbation. Quite often it occurs when I am not really in the mood to do anything about his erection. I enjoy watching him take care of himself Ė actually I find it very fascinating to tell the truth. 

On the other side of the coin is a completely different feeling when I masturbate myself and he watches. Itís that feeling of being caught with oneís hand in the cookie jar that adds a little extra spice to the situation. The fact that someone is watching tends to heighten the sensation for myself. I can easily get lost and imagine that several people are watching me get off. 

Mutual masturbation can be done as foreplay to intercourse or it can be done all on itís own right to orgasm. Either way it can be a lot of fun and create a very intimate session for you and your partner. If you have sex toys that you enjoy playing with they can come in very handy when you are pleasuring each other in this fashion. At times my partner will be masturbating and I will join in by rubbing his balls for him or even sucking them into my mouth. This also works equally well the other way around. I will massage my clitoris while he runs his fingers across the inside of my thighs, dipping into my vagina and rubbing the area around my clitoris. Iíve found it very erotic to have my fingers touching his as they roam across my private parts.  

Personally I have found that mutual masturbation is a great activity for those lazy days, when you really donít want to crawl out of bed at all. This is definitely a great way to wake up! Lying beside each other itís fairly easy to reach over and run your fingers through his pubic hair or skim your fingers lightly over his balls and cock. As you play you will notice that his cock will arise to the occasion. At this point if he hasnít already started to work his hands over towards your pussy thereís nothing wrong with grabbing his hand and directing it to your pussy yourself. Heíll get the idea.

Lubrication is always a good idea. If there isnít enough lubrication then sensitive skin can become chafed and extremely uncomfortable. Now there are many different types of lubrication that you can use.  Some of the choices you will make in choosing lubrication might depend on whether or not youíre going to indulge in oral sex afterwards. If this is the case then you want to use something that will at least taste good and not leave a bad taste in your mouth. There are lots of love lotions available from the sex shops that will fill the bill here. If taste isnít an issue then go with a water-soluble based lubrication. If things start to dry out you just have to add a little bit of moisture to it and youíre all set to go again. If you donít have any of the lubrication above available then just use what comes naturally which is your saliva and juices that your body produces when you are sexually aroused.


Mutual masturbation can be done in a number of different positions. Itís simply a matter of finding what is the most comfortable for you and your partner.  

The most common position is lying side by side on your backs in the bed. Your arm will cross over your partnerís arm or vice versa and reach to their most sensitive spots. I find that sometimes I have to scoot down the bed a little ways to make the reach a little easier. Iím shorter than he is by a bit. This position also works quite well when you are sitting on the couch watching television or even perhaps watching a naughty movie.  

Another position that can be used for mutual masturbation is for you both to be sitting facing one another with genitals close together. I think itís easiest if this is done in a semi-recline position so that you are able to reach your partnerís genitals easily.  

Strokes & Techniques

I was going to list a bunch of strokes and techniques that you could each use on your partners. Iíve since changed my mind. What Iíd like to do with this section is have my readers send me in their favourites or techniques that work really well for them and I will add them to the bottom of this page. Iím looking forward to seeing what kind of inventive methods youíve all come up with. 





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