Fine Art of Fellatio


Blowjobs rock!

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More Oral than you can Imagine

Oh, now where to begin with this one. I canít say that Iíve ever met a man who didnít like to have his cock sucked on. As a matter of fact that would probably rate as the biggest turn on if men had to pick just one aspect of sex as their favourite. At least thatís my take on the subject.  

Performing fellatio on your partner can be the biggest turn on there is. I know that when Iím in the mood for sucking cock that I thoroughly enjoy it. Times like that it isnít important if my partner reciprocates or not, because Iím lost in making him feel good. At other times it is a nice prelude to intercourse when you exchange oral sex with your partner. When I suck on my partnerís penis weíve found that he can usually last a lot longer when it comes to the actual intercourse, which is really awesome!  

First off, you need to take a look at your partnerís penis. One of the first things you will notice is whether or not he is circumcised. This may make for subtle differences when you are sucking on your partnerís penis, as when they are uncircumcised the handling of the penis is a little bit different. Penisís come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unless you a size queen the length and girth of your partnerís cock should not be an issue. The average male penis size is in the five to six inch range when erect and the average girth when erect is about five inches.  

Run your fingers up and down the length of his cock as you examine it. You will find that he doesnít remain soft for very long. Feel the texture of the skin that covers the ball sac. You will also notice that at different times the ball sac can become quite heavy and the skin over it quite tight. At other times it will be very loose and feel much lighter.

Tease your partner. Lick his balls and the insides of his thighs but stay away from actually touching his cock. Make him squirm a little first. When you first start out take your time and use slow deliberate strokes and cover the whole length of his cock. In my experience sucking on my partners cock isnít enough to get him off, there also needs to be plenty of hand action on his cock as well as on his balls. The two work very well together. Lubrication is a good idea. It wouldnít be a good thing to all of a sudden have your hand stuck to your partners cock because thereís no lubrication. The best lubrication Iíve found comes just from using your saliva. Instead of swallowing all the saliva just let it dribble down onto your hand and his cock. It keeps everything fairly well lubricated.


There are many positions from which you can give your partner fellatio. Iím going to list some of the ones that have worked well for my partner and myself. There is no right or wrong way to position yourself, your best bet is to experiment with different positions and see what works best for you and your partner. Experimentation is half the fun.  

Kneeling Ė in this situation have your partner either stand or perhaps sit on the edge of the bed or couch or chair (whatever works for you) and then you kneel between his feet and give the fellatio from that angle. One drawback to this is that I find that my knees really canít take this position for extended periods of time.  

69 Ė this is always a favourite for most people. You can give and receive in this position; you just have to remember to concentrate on what youíre doing for your partner. This can sometimes be a very difficult task to say the least. I prefer to be on top so that I have a little more control of my partnerís penis and what Iím trying to do with it.  

Side by side Ė you can lay down alongside your partner in either direction. Have your partner lay partially on his side so that you can reach his penis as well as his balls.

Over top Ė by over top I mean have your partner lay down on the bed flat on his back, you kneel beside him on either the right or the left side and then put your head down over his penis and pubic area from that angle.

Tongue Techniques

This portion of the tutorial will deal with some of the various techniques that you can use to bring your partner great pleasure and have him moaning for more. Trust me, they always want more!  

To start you might want to just lick your partnerís penis all over, from top to bottom feeling the texture of it, supplying moisture to the area. Just little licks here and there. Donít forget the balls, they play a very important part in the overall stimulation of your partner. They are definitely part of the package and should have lots of attention lavished on them.  

 Now you can move on to another technique that works rather well. Take your partnerís penis in your mouth and close down your lips around the head of the penis. Donít take too much into your mouth at this time. Then take your tongue and swirl it over the tip of his penis. You can apply a little bit of pressure with your mouth and release while you are doing this. Itís also been said that if you hum while sucking on your partnerís penis that the vibration will add to the stimulation.  

By sliding your mouth back from the previous technique you can then suckle the tip of his penis and use varying amounts of pressure. Be sure to pay attention to your partnerís reaction. The object isnít to cause your partner any pain, unless of course they are into it, which is a completely different tutorial. You can add a bit of variety to this technique by making a point of your tongue and running it around the edge of the penis where the shaft meets the head. This area is fairly sensitive in most men and is sure to get a reaction.  

Pretend that your partnerís penis is a big lollipop or an all day sucker and then proceed to lick it in the same fashion. This can be great fun to try. If youíd like to add extra enjoyment use a small amount of flavoured lube or even put whipped cream on his penis to lick off or make a giant banana split out of him. Itís great fun to lick it all off and make sure that you donít miss any spots.

An interesting way to stimulate your partnerís penis is to hold it in your mouth (similar to when you see people holding a rose in their teeth) and run your mouth and tongue up and down the full length of it. You could do this for several strokes and then dip down to lick the balls or at the top slide the tip of the penis into your mouth.

To Swallow or Not  

To swallow or not? The answer to this question is based solely on personal preference of both the partners. Some women love to swallow and others donít. Some men love for their partner to swallow their cum while others would prefer to see it spray all over the place Ė mostly on their partner. 

Taste is an issue when it comes to swallowing, many women simply donít like the taste of their partners cum. There appears to be some information that indicates that the taste of semen can be influenced by your partners diet. You and your partner can experiment with omitting various foods from your diet to see if they make a difference to the taste of the semen.  There are several foods that are reputed to sweeten the taste of semen; they include parsley, papaya, pineapple juice, and bananas.  Red meat has the reputation of making the semen taste more acidic. Last but not least are coffee and alcohol, both of which are reputed to cause a bitter taste in the semen.

Swallowing Ė most men tend to get off on their partner swallowing their cum. Youíll want to be careful with this one so that you can do it in a manner that doesnít make you gag. Thereís nothing more unromantic than your partner hearing you sound as though youíre hacking up some huge fur ball. Trust me, this does happen and tends to kind of interrupt the moment. My partner and I had this happen the other day as a matter of fact and we both dissolved in laughter, it was very amusing. Iím just glad that there was no videotape running to catch that live! Although I am sure that with a new partner this might not be quite so amusing.  

One thing to remember is that once your partner has cum and youíve either swallowed or not, donít let go of his cock and think youíre done, keep sucking lightly on the tip of it as itís usually really sensitive after cumming. You can watch him squirm and moan quite nicely.





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