Fine Art of Cunnilingus



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This tutorial will take you through the art of cunnilingus from start to finish. What Iím hoping to do is to give you information that will improve your oral sex techniques, give you some new ideas or confirm what you already know. Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and things that work for me. I personally love nothing more than having someone lapping at my pussy, teasing and taunting and finally bringing me to orgasm.

There are many men out there who love nothing better than to bury their faces in womanís pussy to lick and explore to their hearts content. On the other hand there are many men who want no part of this. At the same time there are woman who do not enjoy having their pussy licked. These are things that you need to know ahead of time before you get into a lovemaking session that is destined to go wrong because you donít know enough about each other. Itís becoming much easier to communicate with another on what you like Ė sex isnít the taboo it once was. Iím also of the opinion that if the guy wants me to suck his cock on a regular basis then heíd better be prepared to put in equal time on my pussy! This might sound a little selfish to you because pleasing my partner is supposed to turn me on. It does, but at the same time there has to be the same consideration coming back the other direction. If all my partner ever wants is to have me suck on his cock and do nothing in return itís not going to be long before I goes on strike and wonít suck my partnerís cock either unless Iím really in the mood for it.

If you have a concern with smell or taste of your woman then perhaps you might want to start your session off with a shower and soap each other down and have fun. Perhaps you might even incorporate shaving of both partner's genitals into this scenario.  

I personally like to be touched and teased and warmed up before my partner just latches on to my clitoris and starts mauling it to death. That can be a real shock to the system and cause your partner to throw you across the room even though you had the best of intentions.  

A good way to get started is to start by kissing your partner. Remember the day when you were only dating and thatís all you did was sit and neck? Why not revisit those memories? Itís a great way to start the sexual juices flowing. While you and your partner are exchanging all these wonderful kisses run your hands over your partners body skimming across all her erogenous zones, arousing her body.  

Gradually move your fingers to run over the inside of her thighs and then brush lightly over her pubic mound making sure not to touch the clitoris or the inner labia. This is a good time to start working your way down over her breasts and stomach heading towards her most private areas. Now how long you want to tease is entirely up to you, although if you make her wait for too long you might find that her hands come up and grab you by the ears and push your face deep into her pussy. That would be a good indication that she wants you to step up the pace a little.

I canít stress enough that there is no right or wrong way to provide your partner with good cunnilingus. It will vary from woman to woman on what they enjoy and how much pressure they like. The best bet is to start by communicating to find out what she likes and then as you try different techniques or strokes to make a note of which ones make her moan or get a reaction good or bad. From there you can then refine and improve your technique.


You can experiment with different positions to find what works best for you. The ones that come to mind that have worked well for my partner and I are as follows:

Lying flat Ė in this instance you can have your partner lie on the bed on her back with her knees slightly bent and spread as wide apart as is comfortable for her. You can then lie between her legs and slide your arms under each of her legs (kind of like a hug) and that will position your head appropriately.

Edge Ė in this instance you can have your partner slide down the edge of the bed and lean back, perhaps propped up on pillows in a semi-sitting position. You would then kneel on the floor in front of her and start working your magic on her.

69 Ė in this instance you and your partner can either lie facing one another or have the man on top or the woman on top. The drawback to this position is that itís easy enough to forget what youíre supposed to be doing if your partner is also working on you. The one I like best is when I get to be on top and can grind my pussy into my partnerís face. However please note that in this position you will get quite wet!

Note to the ladies: It is worth your while to do your Kegels. This exercise will help you to increase the strength of your pubococcygeus  (PC) muscles that form the pelvic floor between the legs. The toning of these muscles which contract during orgasm, helps a lot of women to climax more easily.

To do the exercise simply tighten up your muscles as if you were going to stop the flow of urine. Hold in that position for about 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds and repeat. You can gradually build up the number of repetitions you do. 

Tongue Techniques

Now weíll discuss some of the different tongue techniques you can use on your partner. For this section Iíve done some research and compiled suggestions from people I know as to what works and why. I can only provide insight from the receiving point of because to date I havenít been on the giving end of cunnilingus.  

One of the key points here is to remember to make sure that the clitoris and the vulva are sufficiently lubricated before you start touching them. With the tongue this is pretty easily accomplished. If you need to, gather up a little bit of spit in your mouth and gently drop it down onto your partnerís sensitive area. I have found that the heat from the saliva dropping onto my clitoris and vulva to be very erotic.  

You can create a wide variety of strokes and responses just by altering the manner in which you use your tongue. Itís a most versatile tool and itís totally free! You couldnít ask for more.

Iím not going to go into elaborate detail here and suggest that if you fold your tongue around a certain way to stimulate your partner it will have the desired effect. Iím going to give you some more general ideas with which you can then experiment with and find what works best for you and your partner.  

You donít want to head straight for the clitoris with your tongue; your best bet is to start by licking around the area. Stick your tongue between the folds of the labia and lick. Start at the perineum (found just below the vaginal opening) and lick upward in one long stroke. Much like a cat does when cleaning itself. Now you can either do one of two things, lick so that your tongue comes up and brushes over the clitoris or stop just short of it. Either way Iím sure that your partner will start to squirm. 

Another stroke that you can use when youíve teased her sufficiently is to lap at the clitoris with a pointed tongue Ė much like a cat lapping at milk would do. This is a stroke that can be used when sheís very close to orgasm to push her over the edge. You can speed up the rate of the lapping or slow it down, or combine slow and fast in any rhythm of your choosing. Just remember to listen to your partnerís responses so that you know whether sheís enjoying the sensations or youíre totally pissing her off.  

If youíre feeling adventuresome then there are a couple of other things that you can try if you are so inclined. One of them is to try dipping your tongue into your partnerís vaginal opening. You can vary the depth of the thrusts and the speed.

The other thing you can do is to put your fingers to good use. My recommendation would be to use the fingers once you know sheís fully excited and you can sometimes tell this by the way her hips are bucking up and trying to push hard against your face.   I know that I sure like the feeling of having the fingers of my partnerís fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy while he is sucking on my clit at the same time. Itís a most wonderful feeling and makes me cum very quickly.  

Another good place to use your fingers while sucking and licking your partnerís pussy would be to lubricate them and gently rub around the opening to the anus. There are a lot of nerve endings there and many women enjoy that type of stimulation. If your partner is into it you may even be able to insert the tip of your finger into the anus. If your partner is not one who enjoys this type of stimulation then stop if she requests you to.  

Some women will be quite happy to stop at one orgasm, while others will want as many as you can give them. It has been my experience that successive orgasms require a little more aggressive touch and stimulation. I have also found that there comes a point when the clitoris is so over stimulated that you might feel like you can possibly have another orgasm or that the clitoris is just too sensitive to touch. If your partner is finding that her clitoris is too sensitive she will be sure to let you know that in no uncertain terms!





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