Short Cut to Female Ejaculation



This article was provided to me by Michael J. and is reprinted here with his permission. He boasts a 95% success rate with his method. If any of you give it a try, let m know how it works for you. Likewise I'll keep you posted when I get a chance to test drive it for myself.



The object of the exercise is to achieve a G Spot orgasm, which in most cases will result in a liquid discharge from your urethra. It will not be urine. It should be accompanied by the best feeling you have ever experienced.

Things to do:

  • Pick a time when you are alone, or alone with your partner.

  • Lock the doors and windows, make it look like you're not at home.
    (ignore visitors if they show up)

  • Unplug the phone. (In most cases it will appear to ring to whoever is calling you)

  • Put on some soft music and/or light some candles.

  • You will need a large towel folded to about 14 inches square.

  • Go have a pee before you get started. (Important!)

  • Find a comfortable place to position yourself, the bed, sofa or couch.
    (or whatever works best for you)

Now that you're set, get undressed - completely naked if you're comfortable with that. Sitting with your knees up is probably the easiest position to try first. Place half the towel under your butt, leaving half out in front of you.

Either you or your partner start by gently placing one or two fingers inside your vagina, knuckles downward when you are in the sitting up position. Insert fingers along the roof of your vagina past the rough patch to where the soft tissue is felt just behind the pubic bone.

You need to pump the fingers forward and upward toward your navel. At this stage some women feel a strange sensation of needing to urinate. This should pass quickly. Some feel discomfort - this should also pass. If this is the case then back off the pressure a bit to start.

If you feel nothing much, try inserting your fingers further inside. If you are heading in the right direction you should be starting to feel very horny. Keep going!

Usually firm pressure is needed. I tell women it's like clicking both mouse buttons on your computer mouse but firmly.

By now it should be starting to feel fantastic. Keep going. As you become aroused your vaginal walls will contract like you didn't think they could. It will almost feel like your fingers are being crushed. Your vagina may almost feel like its turning inside out as it contracts. You may even feel your cervix as it comes down.

You are nearly there. Keep up the firm pumping. You may feel a swelling in the vaginal walls "like a small water balloon at your fingertips", this is good. By now you may feel the urge to urinate or something similar. Don't hold it back, let it go. This is the secret "letting go".

Let it go, you may get a dribble, you may get a squirt, you may get a full on gush. That's what the towel is for. Whatever you do, don't hold back, let it go!

If you did experience an ejaculation then congratulations are in order. By now you should be experiencing the most wonderful thing you have ever felt. Your legs maybe trembling. Your whole body should be tingling and the top of your head feeling like it blew off.

But there's more!

You can do it all over again. The second time is sometimes better, especially if you held back the first time. In fact you can repeat this several times in a row, but I don't think your fingers and arm will be able to keep up.

The second time should be a bit easier and the more familiar you become with yourself the easier it will become.

I have performed this on women for up to an hour or more at a time resulting in multiple orgasms. As many as sever or eight is not uncommon. I think they become greedy and would lay their all night if my arm didn't give out.  

P.S. Other stimulation may benefit some people whether it be clitoral, nipple or any other sensual place on your body. This may make the experience even better. It depends on what you are comfortable with. You might like to massage your clitoris while your partner massages your G Spot. Don't be afraid to use your imagination.

Try getting your partner to make you "squirt" before you have intercourse. The second time you orgasm they should be inside you. Lubrication may be required as you could already be very tight when they enter you. Have a woman ejaculate down your testicles is an extremely pleasurable experience, believe me.





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