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She got beneath me, that time facing the same way I was, on her tummy. I was puzzled. How was she going to jerk or suck me like that? Sue took the oil again, reached behind herself, and poured the liquid into her crease, right on the hole of her ass. The nozzle of the bottle followed, working in about half an inch. She squeezed the plastic sides. Sue was filling her rectum with oil. My cock danced in anticipation. I knew what she had in mind.

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She heaved up and nestled my shaft between the satiny cheeks of her ass. "Can you move enough to get it in place?"

I wriggled back as much as I could, dragging my cock’s head down her slippery crease. It came to the pucker and pushed.

"Just hold still," she told me. "I want to do it for myself." Her body writhed up and back.

My cock felt like it was going to bend for a second, then pushed through the knot. I clenched my fists and tensed all over. "It’s in, Sue. Fuck it then!"

I had to endure it while she slowly skewered herself on my shaft, twisting her hips, gyrating, pumping on my rigid shaft like she wanted it to last forever. I’d thought my cock had grown as big as it could but the erratic milking on it made it thicken and lengthen. She pushed back hard until my balls were resting on the backs of her thighs, and paused. Her hand went under her and up. I couldn’t see what she was doing but the rhythmic slurping noise told me she was fingering herself. After a minute I felt extra pressure on the underside of my shaft, two extra pressures, moving. Sue’s fingers, in her cunt, were fondling my cock in her ass!

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